Menstrual shame is a deliberate social construct to oppress those who bleed – Michaela Rosandich

Michaela Rosandich is a life coach dedicated to ridding society of the common stigmas around menstrual cycles. In this interview, Michaela shares what a menstrual cycle is and isn’t, how it can be a superpower, why stigmas still exist today, and what employers can do to better empower of their female employees.

If you’re getting backlash, you’re doing something right – Cindy Gallop

Cindy Gallop, Founder of Make Love Not Porn, and renowned revered advertising consultant, talks about diversity, sextech, resilience, and taking action.

Why an aerospace engineering career is a rocketship worth boarding

Bianca Capra explains why aerospace engineering is a career path the next generation should consider, what they can look forward to, and why she is a strong advocate for women in STEM.

We need stats about intersectionality to action intersectional issues

Winitha Bonney, founder of #ColourFULL, believes there is a fundamental misunderstanding of the term ‘women of colour’, and research around intersectional issues needs to be accurately undertaken so businesses and communities can take action.

From the ground up, we need to start encouraging difference – Laura Conti

Laura Conti, experienced CFO and Founder of #GoKindly explains the multifaceted aspects of ‘difference’, and how businesses can embrace this in their workplaces to improve their bottom lines.

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