Research cannot be a vehicle for reproducing disadvantage and oppression, as it has been in the past

Ableism – or discrimination against people with disabilities – has had detrimental impacts on immigration policies and immigrants, suicide rates among people with disabilities, and social acceptance and stigmatisation by society. Unfortunately, many have seen ableism have an accelerated impact during the coronavirus pandemic. In this interview, Encalada shares his views on how research can make a difference, how research has failed to help in the past, and the importance of involving people with disabilities in research programs as researchers.

Artists need to decide whether this will be a year’s worth of excuses, or a year’s worth of progress

Alissa Musto has experienced first-hand the impacts of changes across both the entertainment and cruise liner industries due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this interview, Alissa shares how she started her career in entertainment, and how she is managing the changes due to the current pandemic.

Having multiple skills strengthens adaptability

Following a teenage crush on Mulder in the X-Files, Jo started acting at 15 years old. While building this career and acting alongside the likes of Heath Ledger, Jo undertook a degree in education and became a primary school teacher. As well as juggling these two career streams, Jo has become a social media influencer, mummy blogger, and of course also manages her most important job of all – being a mum. In this interview, Jo shares how she multitasks and manages her various skills, and her view on what you really can have it all.

The 3 pillars of student transformation – strategy, mindset and support

Hayden McEvoy was diagnosed with ADHD in Year 1 and has since thrived at school and gone on to start his own successful tutoring company. He believes in the importance of a student’s environment, rather than their ADHD diagnosis, when determining their potential. In this interview, Hayden shares his own journey through the education system, and why he developed a bespoke teaching model to bring out the best in every student.

Learning on the job is more valuable than formal education in fast-paced industries

Nikki Hamilton started her own marketing consultancy, Seedling Digital, under a year ago with no formal qualifications yet is succeeding beyond all her expectations. With a baby just over one, a commitment to constant learning, and a dedication to building beautiful brands with meaning, Nikki is a driven leader and passionate about helping businesses grow and thrive.

Why disability justice is worth fighting for

Shain Neumeier is an attorney and activist, a proud member of the disability and LGBTQ+ communities, and a passionate advocate for disability justice. In this interview, they share why disability justice is worth fighting for, the challenges society needs to overcome to achieve disability justice, and the importance of not mistaking disability justice for disability rights and ensuring it leads to fundamental changes across society.

We need to work towards equality for both men and women – Natasha Ritz

Natasha Ritz has owned three businesses, as well as held various senior marketing and brand roles, including Brand Lead for LUSH ANZ. She currently runs two businesses – an online retail business called ARNAonline, and a consulting service. In this interview, Natasha shares the story behind the scenes, where she enrolled and quickly dropped out of university, managed a team of five from the age of 18, ignited a passion for women empowerment and has used her 15 years of work experience as a 29-year old in the world of business.

Having diverse educational backgrounds on leadership teams can drive innovation

It’s easy to assume that corporate success can only be achieved by people with university qualifications and strong academic performances. But Kelly Van Nelson, Managing Director of Adecco Australia, is proof that this isn’t true, and that resilience can play a much bigger and more effective role in generating career success.

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