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ADVICE: How Eunica Liu started her own cloth nappy business from scratch

Australia uses an estimated 3.75 million disposable nappies every day, making up a significant portion of household waste entering landfill. One alternative that has evolved rapidly in recent years and is now a sizeable market of its own, is cloth nappies. In this interview, Eunica Liu shares her experiences with starting her cloth nappy business and how she managed customer feedback along the way.

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ADVICE: Transitioning from 23 years in health care to business management

Newly appointed COO of Physio Inq, Liz Pearson, Liz has been a clinical physio for 23 years but felt with her experience she could offer support to younger physiotherapists. After joining Physio Inq in September of 2019, Liz was supporting the co-founder as a state manager for the Mobile & Community services arm of the company. Her addition to the team helped define the role of a state manager.

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VIEW: Why it’s time to end factory farming

If you don’t know the definitions of factory farming, sustainable farming, ethical farming or organic farming, or how they differ from each other, you’re not alone, according to recent research by Frontier Pets Founder, Diana Scott. In this interview, Diana shares her vision for ending Factory Farming, and explains why this should be a shared goal among all Australians.