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PEOPLE: Pivoting during the pandemic – Carley Johnson

After over a decade for working for large fashion brands, Carley Johnson took the leap into the starting her own business, Unzipped in February, 2020. While the early days of any business has challenges, noone could have predicted the added complications of COVID-19 on the business world. Carley shares why she started Unzipped, and how she’s pivoted the business during the pandemic.

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ADVICE: “The only thing I would do differently is starting my own business sooner”

While the pandemic has created uncertainty and disrupted job security for millions around the world, it has also presented opportunities to try new things and explore new territory. This is exactly the challenge Kathy Zmijewski took on when she found herself redundant due to COVID-19 and embarked on launching her own consulting business. In this interview, she outlines how she took the leap into business ownership, the journey to getting her first clients, and her advice to others struggling during the pandemic.

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VIEW: Learning on the job is more valuable than formal education in fast-paced industries

Nikki Hamilton started her own marketing consultancy, Seedling Digital, under a year ago with no formal qualifications yet is succeeding beyond all her expectations. With a baby just over one, a commitment to constant learning, and a dedication to building beautiful brands with meaning, Nikki is a driven leader and passionate about helping businesses grow and thrive.