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PEOPLE: How Shanya is helping consumers transition from ownership to usership

Despite the rise in popularity of sustainable fashion, many Australians are still confused about the various labels and certifications, and are struggling with information overload or the challenge of having to do further research to know the difference between fact and spin. One local entrepreneur, Shanya Suppasiritad, intends to address these issues by making it easier for consumers to simply buy less.

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PEOPLE: How Zara reacted after uncovering flaws across almost every aspect of the healthcare system

Zara Lord founded uPaged after experiencing first-hand and discovering from further research the depth and breadth of flaws in the Australian healthcare system, including over-working nurses and inefficient management of hospital budgets, leading to poorer patient experiences. In this interview, she outlines how she is addressing these problems with technology and her goals for uPaged despite the disruptions of the pandemic.