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ADVICE: Transitioning from 23 years in health care to business management

Newly appointed COO of Physio Inq, Liz Pearson, Liz has been a clinical physio for 23 years but felt with her experience she could offer support to younger physiotherapists. After joining Physio Inq in September of 2019, Liz was supporting the co-founder as a state manager for the Mobile & Community services arm of the company. Her addition to the team helped define the role of a state manager.

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ADVICE: There is no excuse for not hiring people with a disability

As the global pandemic has forced many businesses to re-assess how they build and foster inclusive workplace environments, this interview with Karen Knight, Vision Australia General Manager Client Services, covers how businesses can be more inclusive for people with disabilities and the value of looking past stereotypes and misconceptions around working with disabilities to develop truly diverse workplaces.

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ADVICE: “The only thing I would do differently is starting my own business sooner”

While the pandemic has created uncertainty and disrupted job security for millions around the world, it has also presented opportunities to try new things and explore new territory. This is exactly the challenge Kathy Zmijewski took on when she found herself redundant due to COVID-19 and embarked on launching her own consulting business. In this interview, she outlines how she took the leap into business ownership, the journey to getting her first clients, and her advice to others struggling during the pandemic.

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ADVICE: Assessing your own financial stability

Women and young people are among those with the lowest financial literacy in society, and during the pandemic it’s these same groups of people who are experiencing the most stress and are most likely to have lost their jobs. In this interview, financial advisor, Jessica Brady, explains the importance of removing the stigmas around discussing finances and financial problems among women, and what women need to be doing throughout the pandemic to maintain financial stability.

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ADVICE: CALD engagement requires diverse leadership

With a quarter of Australians born overseas, almost half with at least one parent born overseas, and nearly 20% speaking a language other than English at home, it’s clear Australia is a multicultural country. However, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) Australians have been underrepresented across various industries, and miscommunicated to during times of nationwide change including the current pandemic. In this interview, Costa Vasili, founder of EthnoLink Language Services, shares his journey building the business over the last ten years, his observations of CALD engagement during this time, and his advice for business and political leaders looking to effectively communicate with people of CALD backgrounds.

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ADVICE: How women can protect their finances during the pandemic

Australia’s gender equality gap is expected to worsen during and following the coronavirus pandemic, leaving women with greater financial risks than their male counterparts. In this interview, Natasha Janssens, who came to Australia as a refugee at 18 years old and now runs Women With Cents, shares what the risks are for women and what they can do today to protect their long-term finances.