PEOPLE: leading Think Inc. to champion creative intellectual thought

Suzi founded the company Think Inc. to bring creative intellectual thought to the forefront of the live experience. 

We speak to Suzi about her journey and the importance of diversity in her work and life. Here’s the story!

Can you tell our readers about Think Inc. and what a normal day looks like for Suzi Jamil? 

It’s hard to say what a typical day looks like because I’m constantly finding new opportunities and challenges. But the foundation of most of my work (and my favourite thing to do), is managing a brilliant, dedicated, and passionate team. Most of my time is spent planning and developing strategies for our live events or online, live courses that we run through Think Inc. Academy. I also make sure to consume a wide variety of media, including updates from the worlds of marketing, science, politics, streetwear (😉), and everything in between. It helps me make better decisions.

How important is diversity to you and in the work that you do?

Diversity, especially the diversity of ideas, is incredibly important. If the only voices you seek out and listen to are ostensibly the same, then your view of the world is going to be too narrow – you’re going to miss the bigger picture. That’s why I look to as broad a range of people that I trust to bounce ideas off and to learn from their experiences. It’s one of the things that has helped me see the value and necessity in elevating a broad range of ideas, and that’s exactly what Think Inc. has been doing that for years. More recently we’ve had to take more risks to keep up with the changing cultural discourse, but we’re known for being disruptive; pushing the boundaries to celebrate even-handed debate.

Are there any challenges that you faced that you could share with our audience about being a diverse woman in a business world which systematically favours old white men (*eye roll*), and how were you able to overcome that and be so successful?

There have been many challenges, not the least of which have been trying to navigate the world of live event promoters and venues. I don’t have a business degree, nor do I come from a family of business owners. There have been a lot of mistakes made and lessons learned to get to where I am. I’m proud to be someone who looks different to all the other people who usually walk in these shoes.


You and I are just alike in more ways than you think. If I can do it so can you. There’s nothing complicated about it, but the truth is that success always lies outside of your comfort zone. As soon as you’re ready to take that trip, you’ll find, more joy and excitement than you could imagine.

Want to follow and support SUZI?

They can visit my website: or even better, visit Can’t wait to see you at one of our live events or attending one of our online courses.

About the diversity champion:

As the Owner and Director of Think Inc., Australia’s leading intellectual-focused touring company, Suzi has made it her mission to bring the world’s greatest minds to the country she calls home, in an effort to spread knowledge and enlightenment on topics of science, politics, race, religion and social equality. Among her guests are the likes of Sam Harris, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dr Jane Goodall, Brian Greene and Richard Dawkins, to name but a few. Suzi is a producer of the film ‘Islam and The Future of Tolerance’, starring Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz, released in December 2018. It is the goal of both Suzi and Think Inc. that through these inspirational events, a shift in global consciousness will become possible, allowing rational debate between an informed population on the issues that require the focus of our best and brightest.

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