ADVICE: The Millennial Crisis (and how to escape it)

At 22 years old, Demi Kotsoris thought her life was already over. She had studied and started a career in marketing and felt she was going to be stuck in the industry forever, despite not enjoying it.

After a year of struggling and pushing through, Demi started her podcast, Millennial Crisis, and another year after that she took her first ever gap year.

From there, everything changed.

The Millennial Crisis

Demi’s research into what she defines as “a privileged problem that consciously or subconsciously affects your mental wellbeing and has a negative impact on your life” opened her up to a life of learning and growing, while also having incredible experiences around the world.

Furthermore, she’s deep-diving into a topic that is still bamboozling business leaders and experts around the world. With almost half of all millennials wanting to quit their jobs in the next two years, and the millennial generation recently being cited as the most unhealthy generation at work, there’s no doubt that millennials are worth understanding and empowering if the next generations are hoping for sustainable workplaces and homes.

Demi experienced a lot of these pressures herself, and felt there was an opportunity for her podcast to make a difference.

She explained, “In a world where everyone is criticised for being human, if I could start a blog that was imperfect, that didn’t just show the highlights, not only told people but showed people that good things – most things – take time and that real life doesn’t run on a social media clock… I hoped that one day, my audience would be encouraged to be able to start something of their own – without the expectation that we start ‘perfect’.”

Challenges unique to a generation

“Living in an ever-changing environment where technology is moving faster than we are evolving we have more opportunity and exposure to information than ever before. This can not only be overwhelming but also lead to assumptions about how life “should be”, how instant gratification is affecting us and the new aged way of communication,” Demi continues. 

“Millennials are the limbo generation, we got to experience a bit of both and because of this, we can often feel it’s too late for us or our complaints are not valid due to our privilege. In my experience, not accepting your privilege and moving forward in that opportunity and information we have can lead to excess stress, temporary depression or anxiety.  

“I would argue, we are a different generation. The phrase Millennial Crisis is dramatic, however, it’s supposed to be, we are a “dramatic” generation and it’s important to poke fun at that sometimes.”

Preparing an escape plan

One in four millennials regularly worry about their finances, with many also concerned about housing affordability, retirement planning, and whether they have enough savings.

Demi argues there’s always a way around these kinds of barriers and stressors.

“For those with financial worries, I say start putting together your ‘escape’ plan now,” she explains.

“How much money do you need to explore yourself, to have new experiences and to grow? That could mean a Gap Year, it could also mean a month away or some self-development or educational programs, it could even just mean building the courage to quit the job you are in now and follow a dream or passion you have always had.”

Once you’ve taken a leap outside your comfort zone, that’s merely step one. It won’t always be easy, though it will often be worth it, Demi says.

“Sometimes you need to take three steps back to take six leaps forward,” says Demi. “It’s cliché to say, but… people are always going to talk – so you may as well live a life for you rather than for others.”

About the expert

Demi Kotsoris is a Millennial Specialist and host of the podcast “The Millennial Crisis”. After spending years feeling as though she was stuck in a life she wasn’t necessarily sure she wanted and feeling overwhelmed by the information online and opportunities around her she was lost. 

It wasn’t until she began to open up about her “Millennial Crisis” and worries that she realised the majority of her Millennial friends and family were going through the same thing. 

Since then she created a podcast that aims to help Millennials lead a  lifestyle THEY want, giving them small challenges every week to ensure they get there – helping them feel less alone in their “Millennial Crisis”. 

Demi is currently a Digital Nomad working and travelling the globe.